Being Big vs. Being Small


Photo Credit: Dr. Ian Ellis-Jones,

I enjoyed reading this reflective blog post from Ron Satjia, about the times when we feel “big” versus those times that we are “small.” Mr. Satjia fills the roles of lawyer, trustee, parent and others, and writes about his perspectives in the Spiritually Bankrupt blog, which offers “inner peace for lawyers, bankruptcy professionals, clients, and anyone else who needs it.”

After drawing analogies from the financial troubles of one of his sports idols, Vince Young, Sandra Bullock’s comments about her role as parent after her recent oscar nomination, and insights from his meditation teacher Pema Chödrön, he writes:

I think the lessons to take from all three stories, Vince’s, Sandra’s, and Pema’s, are that you are sometimes big and sometimes small, that you have to juggle those roles, and that there’s something to be gained from doing it gracefully.

It is always nice to be reminded that we are not alone.



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